Philippine Hovercraft

Limitless Exploration

Free to Explore

Deep waters or difficult terrain can’t bind you. So should your vehicle.

Redefine Fun ”Road” Trips.

Wan to explore? Got that. Looking for extreme fun?

Done. This hovercraft is built for adventures with you on it.

Exceptionally Designed.

All weather. Any surface. Every hovercraft  is made with stainless steel alloys made to last in a corrosive marine environment.


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Powerful engine.

Quietest performance.

Low revs. Quieter noise. Superb economy. The Briggs & Stratton is a reliable engine that powers all of our hovercraft.


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Safety first.

Unsinkable. Even without the skirt our hovercraft floats like a boat.


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Load. Drive. Hover.

Bring the hovercraft on your road trips. It can take you to the unchartered places of your destination.


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The standard in recreational hovercraft

The Philippine Hovercraft is the official distributor of the British Hovercraft

Company (BHC) in the country. BHC is the industry standard in hovercraft design.




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Glass reinforced plastic hull

Perimeter aluminum strip for protection

LED navigation lights

Stainless steel

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